Where satellites meet machine learning

Welcome to the next generation of agriculture. Bountiful pairs long term weather analysis with the latest satellite technology, making complex data simple — so you can use data to drive decision-making. Our technology combines machine learning with agronomy, studies various data sources to provide more accurate yield forecasts and build even better tools for food and agriculture industry professionals or farmers.

Data driven forecasts sharpen throughout the season

Our suite of machine learning models produce monthly yield forecasts. These forecasts, along with top drivers,  allow you to change your strategy throughout the season until harvest. As new daily and weekly weather and satellite imagery becomes available, the forecasts are updated. Top drivers inform what actions can be taken to help meet  harvest goals. A look at historical forecasts and actual measured yield help score the models and inform how to improve for the following year. Both forecasts and historical yields are available throughout the forecasting season. 

Technology forecasts sharpen throughout the season Machine learning with agronomy
Technology forecasts Technology Forecasts

Daily Impact

Daily Impact

We have built and developed several proprietary technologies which include crop classification via satellite imagery, hyper-localized weather modeling techniques, feature analysis to forecast yield and provide agricultural insights. We build agricultural analytical models using data; we are information agnostic.



Farmer takes information to update practices

Use machine learning forecasts and transparent analytics to adjust your strategy