Bountiful yield months before harvest

Your complete guide to specialty crops

Bountiful provides data-driven, yield forecasts and transparent analytics for farmers and food and agricultural industry professionals.  Our tools take the guesswork out of farming, from yield to market, year after year.

And with Bountiful, you have at your hands the most trusted, empowering, and seamless tool for smarter agriculture.

Bountiful is your complete guide to specialty crop agriculture and markets. 

Bountiful yield months before harvest


Bountiful Farming

Bountiful Agriculture

Your guide to crop yield forecasts that evolve throughout the growing season. We provide the missing link to understand crop production; for farmers or food and agriculture industry professionals.

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Bountiful Marketplace

Bountiful Market

Your daily guide to the almond market. Bridging the gap from data to sentiment, our data-driven insights support your decision-making; for farmers or food and agriculture industry professionals.

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Bountiful Finance

Bountiful OS

An operating system for agriculture. Bringing together all your important data in one place: production, bearing acres, yield, quality, field locations, benchmarking, costs, pricing, emissions, forecasting, and more.

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How we’ve impacted farming

How we’ve impacted farming, bountiful yield forecasting


Almond, Grape and Walnut acres forecasted in 2023



Accuracy forecasting yield in specialty crops since 2017



Pounds of almond net good meats digitized for OS in 2023



Average yearly savings on labor and in office staff

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“By sharing actionable insights in new ways with farmers and the supply chain, Bountiful is changing the future of farming for a multitude of high-value, speciality crops.”

Rob Trice

Better Food Ventures

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We are currently supporting grapes and almonds in California and Australia.


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Country, state and county forecasts and analytics. Daily market insights into the industry.

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Field level forecasting and analytics specialized to your farm. Includes access to weather and market insights.

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