Bountiful OS

An Operating System for Agriculture

OS is an operating system for agriculture. Bringing together all your important data in one place: production, bearing acres, yield, quality, field locations, benchmarking, costs, pricing, emissions, forecasting, and more. Automated end to end using AI. So farmers can accurately measure what matters.

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Start digitizing your reports and benchmark against your peers!

Our OS platform

What you get

Accurate Yield and Production Data

Accurate Yield and Production Data

Using AI, we automate your production records to get accurate and timely yield data. Linked Geospatially to your field.

Downloadable Data

Downloadable Data

Your data is not our product. Access to your data 24/7 and downloadable in excel/csv allowing you to integrate into your own workflows. 



Anonymously opt-in to share your data within the Bountiful network. Compare your yields + quality against nearby peers by farm type and tree age.

Unified Data

Unified Data

All your data in one place. Historical yields + quality, cost, income, soil + tissue samples. Instant digital access from field managers all the way up VPs. 

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Feedback from our customers


“Bountiful OS has completely changed how we can automate and visualize critical information in our operation. Even better, their benchmarking tool helps to gauge how we stack up against others in the industry. We are proud of our long-standing partnership and look forward to innovations brought forth by Bountiful In the future.” – Zac Ellis Sr. Director, Agronomy


​​”Bountiful OS has a very helpful platform in automating the collection and analysis of our yield data at Gold Leaf. The Bountiful team has an incredibly customer-centric workflow that allows for customization and a continuous improvement cycle.” – Tanner Snider, VP of Investment Strategy 

Grower X

“Bountiful OS has been a great tool that automated data capture and saved us significant time.  It centralized all of our data into one location in an easy to access format.  Best of all, the benchmarking allows us to analyze the data to see how our management practices compared to others in our area.  It turned disorganized data into a strategic resource!” Anonymous, vertically integrated grower Controller


“Bountiful’s OS platform has significantly improved our organizational efficiency and yield projections. The overall experience with Bountiful has positively impacted our almond marketing program, enabling us to make informed spot-market sales decisions in a complex and dynamic almond market.” – Turner Christensen, Vice President

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An Operating System for agriculture. Helping you measure what matters.

OS currently supports almonds and pistachios in California.

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Farm OS

Premium subscription for almonds. Beta for Pistachios.


  • Automated digitization of reports/records.
  • Unified data: production, acres, yield and quality data, etc.
  • Downloadable unified data
  • Opt-in anonymous benchmarking against peers
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Pricing based on net good pounds.