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What if you could consolidate your specialty crop market data and news in one place?  Bountiful Market Insights makes it possible.  Stay on top of market pricing, currency, export shipments, and supply trends.  And because markets need context, we built Community. Your industry aggregated news and questions from our Coffee Shop, bridging the gap from data to sentiment. Available for almonds, more specialty crop market data coming soon. 

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Pricing and Currency

Pricing and Currency

Track daily currency and various time scales for wholesale almond pricing.



Vote on almond forecasts (Bountiful, USDA Subjective & Objective and Community)

Supply & Demand Trends

Supply & Demand Trends

Establish your view of supply powered by our in-season yield forecasts and track shipments.

News and Coffee Shop

News and Coffee Shop

Read curated daily industry news and anonymously assess industry sentiment with our coffee shop.

Bountiful is challenging the status quo in how we interact with our raw ingredient supply chain. Their ability to provide timely actionable market insights has allowed us to cut through the noise and sentiment in the market. Which allows us to make better and more informed buying decisions.”

- John

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We are currently supporting almonds in California.

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