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Access real-time analytics and yield forecasts months before harvest—with 90% accuracy or better. Dive deep using weather and satellite imagery to truly understand your crop. Bountiful currently supports grapes and almonds in California, with walnuts and pistachios coming soon.

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Accurate Yield Forecast

Accurate Yield Forecast

We provide the most accurate up to date analytics and yield forecasts months before harvest at country, state, region and field levels.

Weather Info

Weather Info

Take weather unpredictability out of the equation with access to hourly weather conditions across a 7-day forecast.

Ag Weather Data

Ag Weather Data

Agricultural focused data localized for your area such as evapotranspiration, growing degree days and chill hours.

Compare Historic Data

Compare Historic Data

Access 10-20 years worth of historical data to understand how current local conditions measure up.

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Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices

We care about the environment especially when it can help you save money and be more productive. Use our irrigation and fertility tools to more accurately control your crop, optimize your yield and measure farm sustainability.

Agronomy focused

Agronomy focused

Our in-house PCAs/CCAs provide crop phenology and growth stage tools to help us —and you—better forecast yield.

Case Study

How we helped JF Farms

Bountiful worked with us every step of the way to understand the risk in our yield and production as we as an organization looked to expand our acreage to new areas of interest. Their ability to apply scientific and agronomic insights to what is impacting our production on farm has helped us better understand where we can make our impacts greater. With their predictive power we now have strong confidence in what end of season production is going to be which has changed how we plan everything especially our resources from inputs, water, and labor.

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The most accurate forecasts and tools for specialty crops.

We are currently supporting grapes and almonds in California and Australia.

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Industry Package

Gain full access to country,  state, county and regional level tools and data.


  • Yield forecasting with top drivers and historical yields
  • Current weather conditions, trends and forecasting
  • Irrigation tool
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Farm Package

Generalized and field level reporting specialized to your farm. Specifically for farm level.


  • Field focused yield forecasting with top drivers and historical yields
  • Field focused current weather conditions, trends and forecasting
  • Field focused irrigation tool
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